Celebrate Gluten Free: The Brown and Blond Bakery

We were very deliberate when affixing the word “celebrate” to the name of our annual Celebrate Gluten Free gathering where vendors will bring everything from gluten-free baked goods to skin-care items for attendees to test and taste. Quite often, people hear the word “gluten free” and cringe, assuming that gluten free means “fun free.” We beg to differ. You can have your brownie (gluten free, of course), and eat it, too.

The Brown and Blond Bakery2 CGF 2013

We caught up with Kathy Wegner of The Brown and Blond Bakery, one of the 20+ vendors who will be a part of Celebrate Gluten Free, happening 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. October 10, at DLM Washington Square. Here’s what she had to say:

1. What will you be sampling at Celebrate Gluten Free?  I will have samples of my Blondies and Dark Chocolate Brownies.


2. What makes your product unique in terms of how it appeals to the gluten free community? There are several things that make my mixes unique. They are truly gluten free because they are made without grains or any grain derivative. They also do not contain nut*, dairy, and soy ingredients—only all natural and some organic ingredients are used in the mixes. The Blondie and Brownies are also lower in calories than other box mixes, and the coconut and tapioca flours slows down sugar digestion which minimizes any sugar spike.

3.  Where is your business located?  Marysville, Ohio

4.  What is the most important aspect of your company that the gluten free community should know about? Purity is important to me because I have to be gluten free too.  My flours are certified gluten free and the other ingredients are direct from the original producers that are naturally gluten free. I make all of the mixes by hand in equipment that has only been used by my business.  There is no cross contamination when I produce the mixes.


5.  Why is it important to you that there are trusted gluten free products in this category? Those of us with a gluten sensitivity should be able to eat various foods with the assurance we won’t be hurt. Gluten causes problems in my brain and central nervous system, so I live a strict gluten free lifestyle. If I don’t feel I can trust something to be gluten free, I won’t eat it because the damage could last for months.