Cauliflower Rice Craze

What is the big deal about cauliflower rice? First and foremost, it’s delicious. Even better it’s super low in carbs, light on calories, and it’s super simple to make at home!

To make it all you need is a box grater or food processor. Simply grate along the coarse side of the box grater or pulse in the processor. You can also try cutting by hand, but it takes a while! Or, make it really easy on yourself and pick some up next time you are shopping at your favorite DLM. We are starting to carry it “recipe ready” in our Produce departments.

To cook it, you really have three good methods to play around with depending on what you want as a final product. Different methods will yield different textures.


My favorite way, hands down. Place raw cauliflower rice in shallow layer on a sheet pan and lightly drizzle with DLM Pure Olive Oil. Place in a hot oven for 10- 12 minutes. Cooking it this way gives a stronger flavor and better texture.


The closest cooking method to obtain the texture of actual rice is sautéing. In a sauté pan, simply heat about 1 tablespoon of DLM Pure Olive Oil and sauté until tender. Use a lid to help “steam” for a total cooking time of 5-10 minutes, and make sure to season with salt and pepper. This will yield a more moist texture that will have a little clump to it.


The easiest method is to microwave.  It’s the healthiest version, too – you don’t have to add any fat while cooking. Simply place in a heatproof bowl, cover with plastic wrap, and cook on high for 3 minutes or so. It is neutral and bland, but that could work really well served with a good Indian curry or a spicy Thai dish.

The only other thing left is to experiment! Make sure to season well with salt and pepper. Try it with a little grated Parmesan and chopped fresh herbs. Or my favorite way: Cacio e Pepe-style. Drizzle with a little olive oil, toss with grated Pecorino Romano, and finish with a couple turns of freshly ground pepper.