BLPeach – Summer’s Hottest Sandwich


Dorothy Lane Market Photo

I been going crazy over our seasonal sandwich—the BLPeach. Think of your favorite BLT sandwich all dressed up for late July!

Instead of tomatoes, our sandwich stations slice ripe, fleshy peaches and layer them on top of crisp DLM Uncured Bacon.The foundation of this short seasonal sandwich is our toasted 10 -Grain Bread. To make it extra delicious, we added some fresh basil pesto to the mayo to give it an herbal green dose of flavor. The whole thing is finished with a handful of arugula.

Stop by our sandwich stations and get one before the peach season is over!

peaches for blog

Be sure to check our Peach Party recipe page to see other traditional, and some not so traditional, uses for this summery fruit.

Chef Carrie Walters
DLM Culinary Director