Best of the Wurst According to DLM

When thinking about Oktoberfest, you may first picture steins filled with beer and big, frothy foam. And rightfully so, as Oktoberfest is and traditionally has been the world’s largest beer festival. These celebrations, which are held around the world every September, highlight different aspects of Bavarian culture, including music, dress, and of course, food. Pretzels with mustard, warmed potato salad, and smoked, cured meats are just a couple things that come to mind. To help plan your own celebration, we’ve listed some of our traditional, German-style meats and had the pros in the Meat department help us rate the Best of the Wurst. Here’s what they had to say:

Our Best of the Wurst: Usinger's Brat's, Pederson's Sausage, & Beeler's Brats
Celebrate Oktoberfest with Traditional, German-Style Meats

#1 – Beeler’s Brats

We love family-owned and operated companies that produce quality products. Beeler’s Pure Pork is one of them! Their heritage bred Danish Duroc is known for its high marbling and great taste. All Beeler’s meats are humanely raised and vegetarian fed with no added nitrates or nitrites except those occurring naturally in sea salt and celery seed. Their meats are naturally free of gluten, artificial ingredients, antibiotics, and growth promotants.

Quick Dinner Solution: With warm weather upon us again, fire up the grill for these bratwursts and serve with Bulk Barrel-Cured Sauerkraut from our Meat department. For a real German treat, serve mildly spiced Hengstenberg Crunchy Gerkins on the side.

#2 – Pederson’s Sweet German Smoked Sausage

Our friends at Pederson’s produce “All Natural, Really Awesome Protein” according to their website. And we totally agree! Their fully cooked, gluten free rope sausage is made from pork that is humanely raised without the use of antibiotics or growth stimulants.

Quick Dinner Solution: Grill smoked sausage and serve alongside Hengstenberg Bavarian Style Sauerkraut.

#3 – Usinger’s Cooked Bratwurst

The Usinger Family has been making sausage in Milwaukee, Wisconsin for over 130 years. Their story began in Wehen, Germany where young Fred Usinger, an apprentice sausage maker, learned from the best wurstmachers. Now we know why they are so good! With it’s distinctive white color (which comes from not being smoked), this fully cooked, finely ground pork and veal bratwurst is a traditional German favorite.

Quick Dinner Solution: All you have to do is fry in a pan or grill, and serve with Hengstenberg Beer Stein Mustard.  Dish out some Hengstenberg Barrel Pickles to jazz up this typical Oktoberfest meal.

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