Basque Cuisine – The Importance of Quality

The importance of quality. You hear it over and over again, but it’s the difference that you can tell from just one bite.  A couple of lucky folks from DLM are in the Basque region of Spain this week tasting and getting to know about its unique cuisine and specialty foods. (What can I say – it’s a tough job!) From a fish cannery that has been family owned for over 180 years in the Bay of Biscay, to a mountain sheeps’ milk cheese producer, we are experiencing first hand why this food has been around for centuries. It’s the combination of hand-crafted care, local passion, and the good families working hard to share it at the table.


The Basque regional cuisine has an ancient history and has recently been highlighted in Saveur magazine, The New York Times, and even featured on Anthony Bourdain’s CNN show “Parts Unknown.”

The Basque people  we’ve met so far are all about the highest quality of food and the people they share it with. Simple, straight forward, and full of flavor and passion. What else can you ask for?

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