Bakin Bacon

The answer to perfectly cooked bacon is your oven.

No burnt edges, no pockets of flabby undercooked fat and of course, no curls, bubbles or unevenness!  In culinary school, we would take big sheet pans and place a baking rack on top. This elevates the bacon strips and takes away the flipping during the cooking process. All strips would come out evenly cooked and uniform. Here at DLM our kitchens use the same process. It amazes me how much bacon we cook in our three kitchens on a daily basis!

This process is so easy to translate to your home kitchen! Find yourself a good baking rack that nestles inside your largest jelly roll pan. Lay out strips of bacon without overlapping. Bake at 350 degrees for 15- 20 minutes or until desired doneness

If you are lucky to have a convection oven this is a good place to use it. I start out in a cold oven and then turn on convection at 350. It takes about 15 minutes until it is perfect for my taste. Some chefs think that by starting out in a cold oven you get less shrink and a less rippled strip.

I like to cook up the entire package of bacon whether or not I am going to eat all of it or not. That way I have a couple cooked strips in my fridge to crumble into Brussels sprouts or a pasta sauce. I believe everything is better with bacon!