Au Gratin Update

chef_carrie_banner_672au gratin potatoes 1

What’s not to like? Rich, cheesy sauce and tender potatoes baked up till bubbly and golden brown. It has been one of our best sellers for years. While I don’t like to change a good thing, a couple of the original ingredients in that dish were not “real” (aka. processed cheese food). I know that some folks like that creamy, orange type of look & taste, but it was a dish many of us here at DLM were not proud of.

So we gave an update to our classic Au Gratin Potatoes that I think you will love.

It still has a universal, classic taste but it’s now made with our Barber’s 1833 Vintage Reserve Cheddar – a cheese that we believe is simply the best cheddar available. Simple, real ingredients round out that dish with an easy-to-pronounce label filled with such wholesome ingredients like milk, butter, potatoes, and now a cheese we can brag about!

If you haven’t’ tried this best-selling dish in a while, ask us for a sample. Sometimes a little change is good for you!