Answers to the Perpetual Question – What’s for Dinner?

At mealtime, we’re usually caught between the dilemma of not wanting to go out and not wanting to bring home fast food. Why can’t dinner just be easy and something everyone will like? Even working here every day, sometimes I am just too tired, too hungry, and just clueless for dinner ideas.

Our Ready to Cook & Ready to Eat dinner solutions have saved the day (or should I say dinner) more than once at my house. I can just run in and grab a complete fresh dinner with little to no cooking involved, and dinner is done! Have you all tried these easy dinner solutions? You can find a whole list of ideas at


Two other options I like to use to answer that question is Rotisserie Chicken and DLM’s Salad Bar.

DLM has delicious fresh rotisserie chicken every single day, but I rarely serve it as-is. Sometimes I use it as a base for a fast chicken and dumplings or chicken and noodles. Other times, I shred the chicken and make enchiladas or a Chinese-style chicken salad. In fact, I wrote a whole article about the many uses for our rotisserie chicken not too long ago. 

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Another idea base for me is our gorgeous salad bar. Sometimes I just stand in front of it to get inspired. Fast dinner ideas like stir-frys, all sorts of pasta add-ins, taco or fajita bar, and many other options for side veggies or fruit salads can be found right at your favorite DLM.  The key here for dinner is the time saved on washing, peeling, and chopping all of the veggies and fruits! Plus, you only have to buy the quantity you need no matter how small.

Now to answer another perpetual question: Who is going to do the dishes?!