Adding a Little Southern Charm


Is it possible to improve upon macaroni and cheese? Here at DLM, the answer is yes!
We’ve taken our best selling Pimento Cheese, the one we make from scratch using Grafton Village Sharp Cheddar cheese, and melt it in our rich béchamel sauce.  Then we toss it with classic elbow macaroni and top with buttered breadcrumbs. I love this mac and cheese recipe! The creamy richness of the sharp cheddar, mellow sweetness of pimentos, plus a hint of smoked paprika makes a decadently delicious macaroni and cheese.  It pairs beautifully with summer favorites like BBQ ribs, grilled chicken, and local corn on the cob.  At my house, however,  we often just have it as a main course with a slightly bitter green salad and cool glass of white wine.
Like all macaroni and cheese, reheating can be fast in the microwave but take the time to reheat in the oven–it is worth the extra few minutes. The top gets bubbly brown and adds texture that makes those extra calories worth it! 



Chef Carrie Walters, DLM Culinary Director