A Shot of Citrus

While everyone is getting sick, of both the grey, dreary weather and the flu season, I’m staying healthy and indulging in all of the incredible citrus that is in season right now.

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Besides all of the delicious varieties of grapefruit and oranges winter brings, DLM has pomelos, cara cara navels, tangerines, and even blood oranges. If you haven’t tried any of these more seasonal citrus, now is the time! So bright and full of fresh bold flavors, these fruit just make you feel better looking at them.

For a fun fruit salad, take the time to cut away both the peel and the pith to expose the perfect segments. Toss a variety of them together and chill. Sometimes I will add a little vanilla simple syrup to help balance the sour/sweet flavor. Make your own simple syrup at home by heating sugar and water until sugar is dissolved, then add a little vanilla.

Stay healthy and be sure to eat your vitamin C!