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A Stable Gift



staybowlizer image

I completely agree with Cooks Illustrated current issue that highly recommends a bowl stabilizer called the Staybowlizer . We first saw it at the Chicago Houseware Show because it caught our eye from a design standpoint, but it also uniquely solves the problem of mixing bowls that spin or rock when you are trying to use them. It safely suctions onto your kitchen counter and “holds” the bowl stable. The Staybowlizer comes in fun bright colors or classic white and can give you a free hand while you mix, whip, fold or beat. It fits all sorts of bowls ranging in size from 6 to 21 inches in diameter. You can also set the bowl at an angle allowing for better view and depth for whisking egg whites or vinaigrette. I have even used it as a double boiler, elevating the bowl above the water line without any spinning or spilling. Another plus is it is dishwasher safe. Come check it out at any of our stores or the DLM Culinary Center!


Chef Carrie Walters
DLM Culinary Director


We’ve got your back (and sides!)




Sometimes, the stress is not in the preparation of the turkey, but in all the details. We have all the components of a classic holiday dinner and together we can create the Thanksgiving feast of your dreams!

Our Kitchens are really busy right now making real Mashed Potatoes made with cream and whole butter, Old-Fashioned Cornbread Dressing full of celery and onions, and let’s not forget the best selling Cranberry-Orange Walnut Relish! Our chefs slowly simmer Turkey Gravy (no lumps!), Roasted Root Vegetables, steamed Green Beans Amandine, and bake your favorite rolls. From the first bite of our DLM Homemade Dips to the last bite of pumpkin pie, your Thanksgiving celebration will the best tasting and most memorable dinner yet.

Check out our holiday menus next time you come in and forget stressing out this holiday season! Don’t be afraid to talk turkey with some of our knowledgeable associates. They can help you place a special order so you can leave your worries to us.

Sit back, give thanks, and enjoy your family—it’s the best part of life!


Chef Carrie Walters
DLM Culinary Director

Soups made from Scratch


Fall weather brings on soup season, and here at DLM we make them everyday from scratch. Not frozen, canned, or in a vacuumed sealed bag. Just our excellent, high-quality ingredients and a little time. You can find a good variety served hot at our soup stations or find even more of a selection in two sizes ready to take home and enjoy. I like to buy my favorites and freeze them so I can always have something on hand that is comforting and delicious!

Here are a couple of my favorites to try this month.

Black Bean Pumpkin — Black beans and pumpkin are simmered with a little ham and finished with a little Spanish Sherry making this soup deliciously different.

Minnesota Style Turkey & Wild Rice — Midwestern classic – a thick and hearty wild rice soup made with our local turkey and slivered almonds.

Butternut Squash — A gorgeous and delicious vegan soup made with butternut squash and a splash of DLM’s own apple cider.
Italian Wedding Soup — Our famous meatballs (only smaller) and tender pasta make this soup a family favorite.

Split Pea and Bacon — A rich and satisfying soup slowly simmered with DLM Uncured Bacon that is practically a meal in itself! Enjoy!


Chef Carrie Walters
DLM Culinary Director

Late Summer Favorites



When the “dog days of summer” hit, sometimes it’s hard to even think about heating up your kitchen or grill. Forgo the stress and join the rest of us in the air conditioning! Pick out some of our well-seasoned, prepared foods for an easy meal without any undo stress or effort. With lots of Love Local and gluten free options, a DLM dinner can be yours tonight!

Fresh Zucchini Fritters

Have you tried these yet? They sell fast and here’s why — garden fresh zucchini, lemon zest, and ricotta cheese that we shape by hand and flash fry for the ultimate summer fritter. I serve them as a side dish at home but they make a great canapé topped with crème fraîche and smoked salmon or trout. Simple, light, and luscious and perfect with grilled fish or chicken,

Grilled Vegetables

Take a short cut and avoid the heat and humidity by picking out your favorite perfectly grilled vegetables right here! These are handy to have around. Try layering them on a sandwich slathered with DLM Hummus, throw them in our DLM Original Marinara Sauce, or toss them with a little balsamic vinegar topped with fresh goat cheese. So many delicious options that can help answer the constant question — what’s there to eat?

Black Pepper Marinated Half Chicken

We marinate and roast off Ed Hill’s local chicken in a delicious black pepper marinade. Take this home and serve hot or cold — it’s moist, tender, and ready to eat. Reheat briefly and serve it with locally grown corn on the cob. I like to pull it off the bone and use it for cold Chinese chicken salads.


Chef Carrie Walters
DLM Culinary Director

Fresh & Local Flavor



Come in and taste what our local farmers and DLM chefs can do! We’ve got everyone’s favorites back this season including a couple new recipes you just have to try!

New! Creamy Cucumber Dill Salad

I grew up with my mom making this salad all summer long. I love it ice cold, right out of the fridge. We are now making this fresh for my DLM family with local cucumbers, fresh dill, sour cream, and sweet onion. YUM!

Homegrown Tomato Salad

Only available for a short time! We pick the best local varieties of ripe tomatoes and lightly dress them with a citrus and herb vinaigrette.

Ed’s Fresh Corn Salad

Our best-selling summer salad is back using sweet local corn. We shuck each ear by hand every day and can barely keep up with the demand. I think it’s so popular because it just tastes like summer. Fresh, simple, and delicious!

BLPeach Sandwich

If you like BLT sandwiches, you’ve gotta try this one! I think it may be the perfect summer sandwich. Our delicious bacon, lush ripe peaches, and peppery arugula all slathered with basil mayo and piled on top of our toasted Farmhouse Bread.


Chef Carrie Walters
DLM Culinary Director


New from the DLM Kitchen!


Farro and Roasted Mushrooms
Nutty and good-for-you whole grain farro is tossed with slow-roasted fresh mushrooms for a side dish that sings with earthy flavor. I like it served room temperature, but this could be heated up for a side dish alongside a charred steak or tossed cold into your favorite lettuce salad.

Old-Fashioned Chicken Salad
We are Dayton’s expert on all things Chicken Salad- making several varieties from scratch every day in our kitchens. So why add another one? One reason is because we’ve listened to a couple folks who have requested no onions. Another nostalgic reason is that I grew up eating this particular version at my favorite Windy City department store. It has that old fashioned creamy and rich texture with no “weird” stuff in it like onions, bell peppers, or anything else that is not child or grandma friendly.

Hasselback Potatoes
These fun individual potatoes are cut like an accordion on purpose! All those edges lend a crisp texture outside, while remaining tender and moist on the inside. We drizzle Yukon gold potatoes with clarified butter and season with sea salt and black pepper — perfect with whatever you are serving for dinner tonight!

Pecorino Kale Salad
Fresh kale lightly tossed with Pecorino Romano cheese, toasted almonds, and sweet black currants. We dress this healthy salad lightly with DLM’s Organic Olive Oil and organic lemon juice. This salad is just so good I keep eating it. I love when food is not only good for you, but delicious!

Dill Pickle Dip
OK, I admit that I get extremely disappointed when my lunch doesn’t automatically come with a pickle. And I like a little hamburger patty with layers of dill pickles on it. If you are with me here on the pickle planet, this dip has your name all over it! Briny, vinegary, and just plain delicious — try it with pretzels or your favorite potato chip!

Individual Turkey Meatloaf
A family favorite recipe, we take our local fresh turkey and create a mini meatloaf that is perfectly sized and ready right now for dinner. They reheat beautifully and make a killer meatloaf sandwich when sliced. We’ve topped them with DLM’s own ketchup for a taste that will please everyone.

Come in and ask for a taste — it’s going to be a delicious month!


Chef Carrie Walters
DLM Culinary Director