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It’s a Real Pleasure


HMR Ingredients Photo

Spending time back in the test kitchen this week reminds me of how lucky I am.

When I shop around to get some ideas for new recipes, the overall abundance of gorgeous fresh fruits and vegetables always amazes me. I tend to develop a couple of months in advance so I really can’t wait till the seasons start to turn. The preview of what Mother Nature has to offer gets me excited to roll up my sleeves and get busy cooking.

 And that is just in the Produce department!

I also get to pick and choose from Prime beef,  vegetarian-fed and antibiotic-free chicken & pork, plus the freshest fish and shellfish we can get. Hands down, that is really the reason why our food always tastes so much better than our competition!

In the next couple of weeks, get ready to see some new soups, deli salads, vegetables, and entrées that highlight why DLM always tastes so good!


Chef Carrie Walters
DLM Culinary Director

Mircogreens for the Home Cook


Waterfields Microgreens Image

Restaurants have been using microgreens for years. They add a pop of color, texture, and particular finishing taste for beautifully composed dishes. Notoriously delicate, home cooks would have to grow their own in order to use them. I am excited to announce DLM now carries microgreens from a local Cincinnati company called Waterfields. I am so excited!

These guys are smart —  they took away a lot of the stress of a super short refrigerated shelf life by creating a friendly package where you can “harvest” as needed! Their neat packaging concept has a long refrigerator shelf life which helps the home cook use them up before they start to wilt and fall apart. We are currently carrying 4 varieties in our Produce departments.

Here are the types and ideas for use:

Beautifully colored Red Rambo Radish are fun to top fatty dishes like short ribs, osso buco, or even pulled pork. The spicy radish flavor clears the sinuses and helps balance out the flavor of finished dishes.

Spicy Mix is a blend of contrasting green and red mustard greens with a hot wasabi punch! I love it with bland things like chicken salad, classic potato salad, or deviled eggs.

Sunflower is perfect for lettuce-based salads. These succulent greens have a nutty, earthy flavor that is fun to use in soups, salads, or with baked casseroles.

Tendril Peas are a  classic “not cooked” vegetable/garnish that is perfect with fish! It adds crunch and texture, plus the fresh flavor of sweet garden fresh peas. I love it with butter or dairy rich sauces. Try it on top of risotto!


Chef Carrie Walters
DLM Culinary Director

Preparing Your Fresh Turkey




We recommend a DLM Fresh Free-Range Turkey for your Thanksgiving meal. Follow these instructions to preserve its naturally tender and juicy gourmet flavor, and you will be on your way to the best turkey you have ever tasted.

Pre-Roasting Instructions:

1) Preheat oven to 325°F.
2) Remove turkey from plastic bag.
3) Remove giblets and neck from body and neck cavity.
4) Rinse turkey and pat dry.
5) Rub turkey liberally inside and out with salt and favorite  spices.
6) Brush with butter or olive oil if desired.
7) Unstuffed turkeys tend to be more moist, so the preferred method is to cook the dressing in a separate pan.

Roasting Instructions:

1) Place turkey in a roasting pan. Breast side up for best table presentation. Breast side down for juiciest white meat.
2) Roast until turkey’s internal temperature is 165°F (making sure that thermometer is not touching a bone).
3) Remove from oven, loosely tent with foil, and let rest for at least 20 minutes before carving.
4) If using a cooking bag, please follow the cooking bag instructions and cook until an internal temperature of 165°F is reached.

Watch my tips for cooking the perfect turkey on YouTube:


Chef Carrie Walters
DLM Culinary Director



We’ve got your back (and sides!)




Sometimes, the stress is not in the preparation of the turkey, but in all the details. We have all the components of a classic holiday dinner and together we can create the Thanksgiving feast of your dreams!

Our Kitchens are really busy right now making real Mashed Potatoes made with cream and whole butter, Old-Fashioned Cornbread Dressing full of celery and onions, and let’s not forget the best selling Cranberry-Orange Walnut Relish! Our chefs slowly simmer Turkey Gravy (no lumps!), Roasted Root Vegetables, steamed Green Beans Amandine, and bake your favorite rolls. From the first bite of our DLM Homemade Dips to the last bite of pumpkin pie, your Thanksgiving celebration will the best tasting and most memorable dinner yet.

Check out our holiday menus next time you come in and forget stressing out this holiday season! Don’t be afraid to talk turkey with some of our knowledgeable associates. They can help you place a special order so you can leave your worries to us.

Sit back, give thanks, and enjoy your family—it’s the best part of life!


Chef Carrie Walters
DLM Culinary Director

Grilled Cheese — The Ultimate Comfort Food




Check out our new Grilled Cheese Menu at our sandwich stations—whatever you choose, we promise it will be cheesy, toasty, and delicious!

The Kimchi has Cheddar and kimchi together for a flavor combination that might sound a little weird but is unbelievably delicious.

The Mac Daddy is the ultimate indulgence—Cheddar cheese, a slab of our Encrusted Macaroni and Cheese, and DLM Uncured Bacon all sandwiched together and grilled to perfection.

Back by popular demand is our classic Croque Monsieur, a French-style grilled cheese with Gruyère, béchamel, and French ham.

You might want to go with The BCT: DLM Uncured Bacon, Cheddar, and tomato.

Or try our best selling Crazy Ludwig slathered with our Jarlsberg Dip and Bavarian ham.


Chef Carrie Walters
DLM Culinary Director

Soups made from Scratch


Fall weather brings on soup season, and here at DLM we make them everyday from scratch. Not frozen, canned, or in a vacuumed sealed bag. Just our excellent, high-quality ingredients and a little time. You can find a good variety served hot at our soup stations or find even more of a selection in two sizes ready to take home and enjoy. I like to buy my favorites and freeze them so I can always have something on hand that is comforting and delicious!

Here are a couple of my favorites to try this month.

Black Bean Pumpkin — Black beans and pumpkin are simmered with a little ham and finished with a little Spanish Sherry making this soup deliciously different.

Minnesota Style Turkey & Wild Rice — Midwestern classic – a thick and hearty wild rice soup made with our local turkey and slivered almonds.

Butternut Squash — A gorgeous and delicious vegan soup made with butternut squash and a splash of DLM’s own apple cider.
Italian Wedding Soup — Our famous meatballs (only smaller) and tender pasta make this soup a family favorite.

Split Pea and Bacon — A rich and satisfying soup slowly simmered with DLM Uncured Bacon that is practically a meal in itself! Enjoy!


Chef Carrie Walters
DLM Culinary Director

Time Saving Packed Lunches



No time to pack a lunch? Grab a DLM Lunchbox — they’re perfect in both size and content! This cute and recyclable lunchbox will fit into a backpack, briefcase, or the newest Vera Bradley tote. You might have to wrestle one away from your children to enjoy one for yourself.

The DLM Lunchbox is filled with smart choices that not only make mom happy, but the kids as well. Each box has a freshly made sandwich using our high quality ingredients and our freshly baked Unbleached White Sandwich Bread or Classic 10-Grain Bread but are sized slightly smaller than our overstuffed Deli Famous Sandwiches. We have three to choose from: Ham and Cheddar; Turkey and Cheddar; or Classic PB & J using DLM Organic Peanut Butter and sweet DLM Strawberry Preserves. Nestled alongside is a crisp Red Delicious apple, string cheese, whole grain Cheddar cheese goldfish, and a box of raisins.

Next time you or your family is in need of a healthy lunch on the run, come in and grab a couple of our Lunchboxes. They are packed and ready to go when you are!


Chef Carrie Walters
DLM Culinary Director

Fresh & Local Flavor



Come in and taste what our local farmers and DLM chefs can do! We’ve got everyone’s favorites back this season including a couple new recipes you just have to try!

New! Creamy Cucumber Dill Salad

I grew up with my mom making this salad all summer long. I love it ice cold, right out of the fridge. We are now making this fresh for my DLM family with local cucumbers, fresh dill, sour cream, and sweet onion. YUM!

Homegrown Tomato Salad

Only available for a short time! We pick the best local varieties of ripe tomatoes and lightly dress them with a citrus and herb vinaigrette.

Ed’s Fresh Corn Salad

Our best-selling summer salad is back using sweet local corn. We shuck each ear by hand every day and can barely keep up with the demand. I think it’s so popular because it just tastes like summer. Fresh, simple, and delicious!

BLPeach Sandwich

If you like BLT sandwiches, you’ve gotta try this one! I think it may be the perfect summer sandwich. Our delicious bacon, lush ripe peaches, and peppery arugula all slathered with basil mayo and piled on top of our toasted Farmhouse Bread.


Chef Carrie Walters
DLM Culinary Director