Love at First Bite with These Chocolates

There’s so much to love about chocolate. In what may appear to be deliciously simple, is actually a bit more complex. Even the sound a piece of chocolate makes when you snap off a section is indicative of how it was tempered, the process of forming the chocolate by heating and cooling it. The appearance should have a sheen. The aroma should carry with it notes of the chocolate itself and any added flavors, like the smoked sea salt and Kentucky Bourbon found in Maverick’s Prohibition Milk Chocolate, recipient of a silver medal from the International Chocolate Awards. Here are 8 delicious chocolates to bite into that we absolutely love, including two locally made chocolates that we’d love to tell you more about.

Clockwise, from top left: 1. François Pralus Chocolate 2. Chocolat Moderne 3. Ghyslain Chocolatier 4. Askinosie Chocolate 5. jcoco Chocolates, 6. Olive & Sinclair Chocolate Co., 7. Maverick Chocolate Co., and 8. Mast Brothers Chocolate.

Worldly Chocolate Flair Found Locally

Chocolate also can be a very avant-garde experience, as we’ve learned from our good friend and local chocolatier Ghyslain Maurais, whose hand-painted chocolates are known to push the envelope with unique flavor combinations and textures.

It’s in the small town of Union City, Indiana, that you’ll find the big-city personality of Ghyslain Maurais, foodie extraordinaire, chef, and renowned chocolatier. It’s not just the thick French accent that conveys instant authenticity (although it helps), but it’s the knowledge, the passion, and the drive that’s brought him literally around the world and to our neighboring state where he set roots for Ghyslain Chocolatier nearly 20 years ago.

The Mavericks of Chocolate

Nestled in the Findlay Market area of Cincinnati is where local chocolate makers Maverick Chocolate Co. are based. Ben Picton with Maverick tells us that the name hearkens to those who take risks and question the norm. You’ll notice illustrations on the packaging that celebrate flight and the “mavericks” who helped pave the way for each of the flying contraptions shown.