The Toasted Oat: Creating Healthy, Gluten-Free Options

 Celebrate Gluten Free promises to be a true celebration of all of the products and resources to help you live gluten free. We caught up with Erika Boll of The Toasted Oat, based in Columbus, OH, and one of the 20+ vendors who will be a part of Celebrate Gluten Free, happening 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. October 10, at DLM Washington Square.


1. What will you be sampling at Gluten Free Celebrates? The four varieties of The Toasted Oat Gluten-Free Scrumptious Chewy Granola: Peanut+Raisin (No1), White Chocolate Macadamia (No2), Blueberry+Flax (No3), and Cashew+Apricot (No4).

2. What makes your product unique in terms of how it appeals to the gluten free community? The Toasted Oat is produced in a Gluten-Free facility, and batch tested to ensure our products are safe for Celiacs and others on a strict gluten free diet. The recipe was passed down by my grandmother, and has always been a family favorite, we are so excited to share it with the gluten-free community.


3. What is the most important aspect of your company that gluten free customers should know about? Our granola is not only Certified Gluten-Free, but is soft and chewy, like a fresh-baked oatmeal cookie! We have found that people love our granola as a traditional topping on yogurt and ice cream, but also love that they can eat it straight out of the can! Kids love our product, because it tastes like a beloved sweet treat, and parents love it for its nutritional value!

4. Why is it important to you that there are trusted gluten free products in this category? I was diagnosed Celiac in 2008 and am faced with the same daily challenges for finding whole, nutritious snacks I can feel good about.