The Allure of the Apple: 5 Apple Varieties to Try

The allure of the apple runs deep, especially here in the Buckeye state as Ohio is among the top 10 apple-producing states, according to the USApple organization. You’ll notice several pristine pyramids of towering apples with each showcasing a myriad of red, from ruby to blush, as you stroll through our store this time of year. October is National Apple Month, after all. Be sure to bite into these five apple varieties that are in season now.

1. SnapDragon Apple

Why we love it: Also known as the “son” of the Honescrisp, this is one of our favorite apples from New York that’s only available for a short time. We love its spicy-sweet flavor and that signature monster crunch!
Try this: This is an apple with a serious flavor profile to it and it needs a robust cheese to really meet its match, such as Barber’s 1833 Vintage Reserve Cheddar or Vincent Aged Dutch Gouda.

2. Love Local Pick: Honeycrisp Apple

Why we love it: Any apple eater knows the Honeycrisp apple, one of the most popular varieties. Beneath its blushed scarlet skin is a sweetness similar to the refreshing flavor of fresh apple cider.
Try this: Great for slicing and snacking, we love it sliced and smeared thickly with DLM Freshly Ground Almond Butter or Honey Roasted Peanut Putter (look for it in our Produce department). We currently have Honeycrisp apples locally grown at Eshleman Fruit Farm.

3. Love Local Pick: Melrose Apple

Why we love it: Ohio proud, there’s no denying the Melrose apple as a top pick. We are currently featuring Melrose apples from the beautiful orchards of Rich Eshleman of Eshleman Fruit Farm in Clyde, Ohio.
Try it: Its sweet-tart flavor makes it great for baking, like this gluten free Caramel Apple Crisp, featuring layers of DLM Caramel Apple Dip.

4. Kanzi

Why we love it: Its coloring is as entrancing as a watercolor painting. Beneath that illustrious skin is a crunchy apple with a vibrant sweet-tart flavor.
Try this: Although these apples are a great addition to a fall salad with Gorgonzola cheese, you’d be amiss if you didn’t bake an apple pie!

5. SweeTango

Why we love it: Like the name implies, this apple has an innate sweetness that dances with a tangy flavor. Something about it just screams fall.
Try this: Bite into this beauty, or add diced bits your favorite Butternut Squash Soup recipe, like this one. We also like this apple served with Manchego cheese and Marcona almonds.